Membership has now partnered with Member Splash. Member Splash will now be the software used to register, pay,
design the website, and check in for Crestmoor Swim Club. Members will create and log into their own accounts, can pay
membership, purchase products, and their fees are significantly lower for our patrons.

Member Splash will allow our community to use payment software to pay for dues with ACH (checking) and Credit/Debit
cards, online payments are available beginning 3/15/2024. Full payment must be received by June 1, 2024. No admittance
to pool after June 1, 2024 until entire membership is paid in full.

We are delighted to now offer members an Al La Carte style menu or a flat family rate. You select which is more cost
effective for your household. Rates reflect bondholder and seasonal (non-bonholders) options. There is still a first
responder, military, veteran discount of a flat $50 rate per household, and can only be applied toward membership dues, cannot be
applied to bond payments.

Bonds can be used for up to 2 adults aged (20+) and dependants (ages 3-19) living with the primary bondholder. All
bonded dependents under the age of 20, require a senior or an adult membership purchase to comply with the bond

Bonds are still available for purchase at the rate of $250. This can be divided into two year payments. $125 due by June 1,
2024, and $125 due June 1, 2025. This is the last year the total cost of bonds will be $250.

Crestmoor Membership is now led by our membership chair Peggy Vavalla. Please email crestmoormembership@gmail.com